Updated May 8, 2024

So, when I was in high school, I made this friend who was really into cosplay. I'd been toying with the idea now and then as a teenager but I think that's what tipped me over the edge. Come first year uni, and I was attempting my first cosplays. Photos of those aren't found here, mainly because they're from ages back and they're not great (lol), but over the years I ended up doing some better projects, which are featured here.

I don't cosplay much if at all these days, but honestly it's something I want to change. I was vying for competition and shock value back in the day, and the need to constantly outdo myself became exhausting in the end. It couldn't ever just be "simple", I had to go all out, and I'd spend $500+ in the process.

Courtesy of MFM Photography

Goddess of the Sun, Amaterasu

Cardfight Vanguard

Rewind a few years, and this ended up being my first "major" cosplay.

Jealous of the prowess of some of my friends, I wanted to outdo them by any means possible, and so I chose the most ridiculously huge unwieldy shocking thing to make I could find. And shocking it was.

People moved out of walkways and corridors to let me through. The headdress was held up by magic and willpower, with the band around my head so tight that I wandered around with a tension headache just wearing it. So little time was left before the first con I wore this to that half of the kimono was hot glued together.

I still remember unpacking the entirely dissassembled headdress in my Sydney hotel room and gluing it together the morning of. It had to be destroyed before we flew back home, so the headdress you see in this picture is an Mk.II of the original. Mk.II also eventually suffered an unfortunate fate, after sun at 35C melted the hot glue and caused it to collapse. Ah well.

Flygon Gijinka


This was made for the launch of ORAS and also had a makeshift Trainer Tips sign (which is hard to see in this photo) which had FLYGONITE PLZ painted over the top in red paint blood.

As a gijinka it was cute and fun to make. The wings were surprisingly rough on your back, mainly because the aparatus I made to hold them there was a piece of shit. They fell apart several times and I had to run around with a bottle of super glue. I will learn nothing from this.


Danny Phantom

Courtesy of MFM Photography

The fact that I had the audacity to do this boggles me to this day. Make no mistake, this is the cosplay that almost made me quit cosplaying. Aside from that very real picture of the roughled nightmare going through my sewing machine the night before the con, the clock on my chest is not just part of the tunic but strapped there like a torture device.

To get everything to stay, the straps were pulled so tight that they allowed me to breathe in only 70% of my regular lung capacity. This led to nearly fainting on the train to the con.

I enjoyed this cosplay a lot and loved the result, but there's no way in hell you'll get me into this costume ever again. No. Just no.